©2013 Helena Schotman

Helena Arturaleza Schotman was born in 1992, north of Amsterdam. She has always been a creative spirit who expresses herself through: dance, writing, art and music (singing, cello, African harp)

At age 19 she was asked to teach art to the year below during her education in Media & Design. In her final year she also received her first payed commissions for murals. As a result she started living as an artist and went with her brushes and canvas into the world. From these experiences and worldly lessons she created her own style within the Visionary art movement. This worldwide movement brings harmonious visions into the world, communicating the message of our true nature and the spiritual evolution of mankind.

Helena Arturaleza's (the name Arturaleza is merging the words nature & art in Spanish) work is characterized by spirituality. Her greatest sources of inspiration are Life, nature and the female. The materials used are acrylics & oils.
She want to show us with her art that humans are one with nature and thus have a responsibility towards nature. The female is another important recurring subject in her paintings. She captures the the beauty, inner goddess and strength of the female. Every painted woman is a mirror of herself.

Her art has influences from around the world, as she likes to travel a lot. In 2014 and 2015 she made a project ‘Around the world in 80 paintings’. This project had the intention to spread harmony into the world with art, by stimulating the trade system. This by making murals at public places in trade for a sleeping place and exhibiting art on festivals.

"My art is a reflection of my soul and true self. Writers write words and with words they write poems. Painters create poems, not with words but with images. What I want to achieve with art are poems with a deeper understanding of life. By bringing beautiful art I intent to touch your soul and make a change on this planet."